Pratchaya Suputsopon

May the force be with you

About me

I’m a Software developer. I’m interested in AI/ML development, Image processing, Physis Quantum and I crazy about mathematics. I want to be a mathematician in someday, and I love to watch a mathematics course and algorithm as a hobby

As a free-time I love to create a front-end stuff in, you can check out my profile here



Full Stack Developer


Thailand, TH


Work everyday

University Experiences

Teacher Assistant

- Computer Programming
- Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
- Android Programming

Around 2011 - 2013


Teaching 50%

Senoir Project

Rice detection and analysis using Image Processing.
Click to watch a demo

Jan, 2011 - 2013


OpenCV 100%
JavaCV 100%
Math 100%
Java Servlet (J2EE) 100%

Summary Work Experiences

Ruby On Rail & React.js

Late 2016 - Present (2y)


Ruby 85%
Ruby On Rails 95%
ReacJS 90%
PostgreSQL 75%

NodeJS (Mean Stack)

Mid 2015 – Late 2016 (1y 9m)


Angular 1 70%
MongoDB 85%
NodeJS 90%
ExpressJS 80%


Around 2014 – 2015


Objective-C 85%


Since, 2012 years included university


PHP 60%

Speaker Experiences

ext (1)

Alumni Awards 2018 prize, 18 Aug 2018

I’ve got an Alumni Awards 2018 prize, and I shared about being a software developer

Experience sharing

I was sharing about being as software developer experiences and answer a question from a moderator that listed from organizer and professors, along with other alumni

I was talking about Bluetooth mechanism, at Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Science Naresuan University.  A device I’ve shared is iBeacon. The propose to make people understanding about IoT devices and its transportation which is BLE and Bluetooth is one of many transportation protocols of IoT device

Android with IoT: iBeacon

16 May 2017

 AIS Startup Kids Junior#2

Basic Programming

20 Apr 2015

Talking about “Basic Programming” for kids. I’ve selected a program to simulate how coding work with RoboProg that allow us to create a robot working on your screen with a bunch of prepared items to create your own robot

Angular 1.5 training in house at Osotspa

I was teaching AngularJs v1.5, It’s in-house training at Osotspa (โอสถสภา) for 3 day in 2016.

Speaker in Angular

I was talking about how it works, business model, the propose of development, I was talking about the pain-point of business as well. This application used to help an agriculture researcher to improve productivity, reduce time to count, and measurement rice’s size. on the last section, I was showing the application interface and demonstration application

The 13th International Conference on IT Application”

15 Jan 2015

Senior project showcase

Image Processing

The Implementation image processing by using JavaCV and OpenCV. It able to connects with a local camera or external camera via WebRTC. I applied the HCI principle design to improve UI as well



Vim (/vɪm/; a contraction of Vi IMproved)

Life Journey

  • 2011 Became to TA (Teacher Assistant) in Computer programming and OOP while I was studying on a 2-year grade of university
  • 2011 Became to Web Developer and Web Designer (hobbit job)
  • 2012-2014 I worked with Image Processing and research about rice analysis. Once studied on 3 – 4-year grade of university
  • 2012 At the end of the year published Algorithmtut (tut stand for Tutorial) website
  • 2014 After I graduated, I came to work CRM then I was developed Call Center which can use the browser be like a telephone instead of physical telephone and integrate with CRM (CTI). Also, I work for API, an iOS developer at the same time
  • 2015 Became to Developer at AIS in an iOS role for three months and then change to Web Developer role
  • 2016 I’m pleased to say about I’ve got a patent of Rice detection and analysis using Image Processing and It’s more valuable to me
  • 2017 I’m working in a startup that focuses on AI/ML development but I’m still in Web Developer


Thank you for coming and support me


Happy coding